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Creating a world where Senior dogs will never be left to suffer or die alone

Directly contribute to the well-being and happiness of countless senior dogs who will otherwise face uncertain futures so they can live out their remaining years with dignity and respect.

Building Hope for Senior Dogs

How Your Contribution Transforms Lives

At Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation, we aim to build a refuge of last resort and preserve the human-canine bond by offering financial and in-home care services and support to people facing financial and other challenges.

This way, no one has to face the heartbreak of abandoning or surrendering their wise and beloved companions due to unnecessary circumstances, and no senior dog is left behind.

Why Your Support for Senior Dogs Matters

At Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation, we strongly believe in the power of collaboration rather than competition. We aim to support and strengthen relationships with veterinary clinics, other animal welfare organizations, and dog rescues.

What Makes Us Unique

1. Focus on Old Dogs: At Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation, we specialize exclusively in meeting the needs of older dogs. While other organizations have objectives, our sole dedication is providing support, a loving home, and a last resort for aging canines. This specialization enables us to tailor our services to address the requirements of these senior companions.

2. In-Home Daycare: Our Fletcher’s Keepers program offers personalized in-home daycare for dogs, preventing owners from surrendering their pets due to health, life circumstances or time constraints. By collaborating with other organizations, we aim to ensure that senior dogs can remain with their loving families. Donating helps us build this volunteer team of dedicated ‘Keepers’ and care workers to ease the burden on struggling pet owners.

3. Financial Support: Donating supports elderly dogs who need help through Fletcher’s Fund, a compassionate program providing old dogs with dental, food and medical assistance. It gives hope and a much-needed lifeline to owners struggling to care for their ageing canine companions.

4. Legacy and Land: Besides our support programs, we actively seek legacy donations to acquire land and establish an enduring sanctuary for senior dogs. This refuge of last resort will foster a sense of continuity and permanence. Fletcher’s Keep will set us apart as an organization, with a long-term vision complementing the efforts of others by providing a forever home.

5. Environmental Responsibility: Our commitment to sustainability and our focus on environmental practices will positively impact senior dogs and contribute to a greener future. This demonstrates our nature as we work with organizations that share similar values and prioritize eco-conscious operations.

One of the aspects that sets us apart at Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation is our belief in fostering a compassionate community.

Our work complements the initiatives undertaken by other organizations, creating an ecosystem that benefits all old dogs in need, preventing surrender and abandonment by helping to nurture the well-being of treasured companions who find themselves in difficult situations.

Supporting Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation helps us build a network and community beyond any organization.

Together, we can amplify our efforts and ensure senior dogs receive the best care they deserve.

Prevent Euthanasia or Life in a Shelter. For Senior Dogs, it's Heartbreaking.

Make a Change.

Other reasons Senior Dogs Need Your Help

Cherished Companions Lost

Many senior dogs in shelters were once beloved companions of elderly individuals who have passed away and had to move to assisted living facilities that do not allow pets or belonged to people with a severe illness or impairment. Donating to the creation of Fletcher's Keep will provide future solace and a sense of honour to these cherished companions and ensure that both they and the memory of their devoted owners live on.

Overcoming Health Challenges

Older dogs with health issues are sometimes relinquished due to financial constraints or because their owners do not wish to deal with the responsibilities of caring for an elderly dog that requires more care. Your donation enables these dogs to receive the necessary medical attention and experience emotional well-being and comfort they need during their remaining years.

Filling the Void of Time

Some individuals claim they have no time for their elderly dogs, leaving these loyal companions longing for companionship and emotional support. By supporting the Fletcher's Keepers In-Home Daycare program, you help bridge this emotional gap by connecting these ageing companions with compassionate individuals who have the time and love to share, offering them the emotional fulfillment they crave.

Abandoned and Forgotten

Many senior dogs end up in shelters as strays, often found injured or wandering alone. Some individuals also bring their old dogs to shelters, claiming they are strays, to avoid paying surrender fees. By donating to Fletcher's Keep, you offer future forgotten and unwanted dogs a renewed hope, reminding them that they are not alone and that compassionate individuals are ready to support them in their journey to a forever home.

Abandoned Due to Relocation

People moving away may avoid taking their senior dogs, leaving these loyal companions confused and abandoned. By contributing to Fletcher's Keep, you will help alleviate their emotional distress and allow them to find a forever, loving home where they can form deep connections once more and live out their days surrounded by the love and respect they deserve.

Rescued from Neglect and Abuse

Animal control agencies intervene in cases where old dogs are rescued from hoarders or removed from homes due to neglect and abuse. Your contribution to Fletcher's Keep will help restore their faith in humanity, giving them a second chance at a life filled with love, care, and emotional healing.

Incompatible with Growing Families

The arrival of young children sometimes leads to circumstances where the senior dog cannot cope with the increased energy levels or the parents cannot handle additional responsibilities. Your donation supports the future emotional well-being of these older dogs, ensuring they find a nurturing environment where they can feel safe and valued for their remaining years.

Unwanted After Divorce

When couples separate, an old dog often becomes a casualty, as neither person wants the responsibility of caring for them due to increased costs and responsibilities. By contributing to the creation of an senior dog hospice, you will offer these abandoned dogs a chance to heal emotionally, reminding them that they still deserve love and affection until the end of life.

Homelessness Amid Hardships

Economic hardships can lead families to lose their homes or scale down, and unfortunately, their old dogs may become homeless. Your donation will help build and provide a future haven for these senior companions and, with Fletcher's Fund, offer a glimmer of hope and stability during difficult times for their families.

Saving Former Show Dogs

Former show dogs deemed no longer beneficial often face the heartbreaking prospect of abandonment or euthanasia. Your donation is vital in preserving future lives, allowing them to experience a new chapter filled with emotional healing, comfort, and the chance to be cherished again.

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