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Your generosity will help create a world where no elderly dog is left behind and can enjoy their later years filled with love, comfort, and respect.

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At Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation, we are dedicated to preserving the human-canine bond by providing unwavering support, compassionate in-home care, and a refuge of last resort for elderly dogs who need it most.

Our goal is to prevent senior dogs from being unnecessarily surrendered or abandoned due to financial reasons, other challenges, and difficult circumstances.

Through our programs and initiatives, we strive to ensure that every senior dog receives the care and love they deserve, allowing them to live their golden years in comfort and dignity and never be left to suffer or die alone.

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Every donation makes a difference in providing much-needed care and creating a nurturing environment for senior dogs. Your generous gift will offer support and make their lives better.

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Honour the memory of your pet, and celebrate a unique occasion by making a tribute gift. Not only will this create lasting memories, but it will also provide ongoing support to senior dogs who deserve the best of care.

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Join our community of Monthly Donors and help support old dogs throughout the year. By contributing, you ensure these aging canines receive care and find stability in loving homes.

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Organize a fundraiser online and invite people to join you. Share a story and encourage friends, colleagues, and family to contribute. It’s an impactful way to make a positive difference. CONTACT US TO SET-UP

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Organize a fundraising event within your community or workplace. Whether it’s a bake sale, charity run, tournament, or another great idea, hosting an event will help elderly dogs in need. CONTACT US TO SET-UP

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Include Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation in your will and become a ‘Legacy Keeper’. You will ensure the foundation’s future and the well-being of old dogs in need for generations to come. CONTACT US

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Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation needs your help! Countless elderly dogs face uncertain futures. Help us to ensure that they are valued, loved and taken care of for their remaining years until it’s time to make the journey to Rainbow Bridge.