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Fletcher’s Mixer is a familiarization meet-up where friends and fellow dog lovers come together to make a difference in the lives of senior dogs in need. Founded on the belief that every aging canine deserves love, care, and companionship in their golden years, Fletcher’s Mixer is not just an event – it’s a movement.

Mixing It Up

At Fletcher’s Mixer, we’re all about bringing people together in a lighthearted and welcoming atmosphere. Whether it’s an intimate gathering of friends over coffee or a virtual Zoom meetup with colleagues from work, our mixers provide the perfect opportunity to connect, share stories, and learn about our mission to support senior dogs in need.

Spreading Awareness

Our mixers serve as a platform for ambassadors like you to spread awareness of Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation. By hosting an informal meetup and inviting your social circles, you’re helping to amplify our message and reach more people who can make a difference in the lives of senior dogs.

Mission and Goals

During each mixer, our founder and the dedicated volunteer and meeting organizer will be on hand to introduce you to the foundation’s mission and goals. From preserving the human-canine bond to preventing unnecessary surrender and abandonment, we’ll share how Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation will make a difference and share ways, big or small, you can help spread the word or get involved.

Join the Mix

Ready to join the mix and be a part of something meaningful? Whether you’re a seasoned advocate for senior dogs or just getting started, Fletcher’s Mixer welcomes everyone with open arms. Reach out via our contact page to learn more about hosting your mixer or attending one in your area.


Fletcher’s Mixer is more than just a gathering – it celebrates compassion, community, and our unwavering love for our senior canine companions.

Let’s spread the love and make a difference, one mixer at a time!


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Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation needs your help! Countless elderly dogs face uncertain futures. Help us to ensure that they are valued, loved and taken care of for their remaining years until it’s time to make the journey to Rainbow Bridge.