Fletcher’s Keep: Building A Refuge And Last Resort

Join us in taking the steps towards establishing this refuge and becoming a lifesaver for dogs in need.

There is a place in our hearts for dogs. Their later years, filled with wisdom and grace, deserve to be surrounded by love and care. At Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation, we aim to build a haven as a refuge and last resort for dogs seeking comfort and tranquillity.

The Beginning: Paying Tribute to Bilko and Fletcher

The foundation of Fletcher’s Keep was deeply rooted in love. It is the legacy of two canines: Bilko and Fletcher. Over 12 years, they became members of our founder’s family, imparting life lessons and unconditional affection.

The profound experience of bidding farewell to Bilko and Fletcher during their twilight years inspired our founder to transform grief into a mission. Fletcher, in particular, required attention during his later stages of life, becoming an enduring symbol for our organization.

Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation was established to honour the memories and spirits of all dogs who have touched our lives.

The Name: A Refuge of Last Resort

The term “keep” in Fletcher’s Keep derives its significance from being the refuge of last resort within a besieged castle. Similarly, Fletcher’s Keep will serve as a sanctuary, providing a haven for dogs who face uncertain futures where all else has failed.

Our primary aim is to be their last hope, ensuring their twilight years are filled with love, comfort, and dedicated care.

Our Vision: Providing A Forever Home for Senior Dogs In Need

Fletcher’s Keep represents more than infrastructure; it embodies a vision of hope, love and compassion. We strive to create a comfortable home for dogs where they can experience joy and contentment during their golden years.

Within the “Keep” they will discover perfect nap places, level grounds to explore at leisure and compassionate hands ready to offer the attention and care they deserve 24/7.

Challenges Faced by Senior Dogs

Senior dogs often encounter uncertainties and find themselves in dire circumstances. These situations can arise due to the loss of their companions or changes in living arrangements.

Many senior dogs are sadly surrendered to shelters, while others face the possibility of euthanasia due to age and medical needs.

At Fletcher’s Keep, we aim to change these stories by transforming lives and creating a loving environment for these elderly dogs for the remainder of their lives.


Finding the Perfect Land: Building a Paradise

To turn our dream into reality, we must locate the land where Fletcher’s Keep can be established.

This land will serve as the basis for our sanctuary and a blank canvas on which we can create and grow a serene and beautiful haven for senior dogs.

Your support is invaluable, whether you donate land, assist us in the build, or find the location.

Leaving a Legacy: Donations that Honour Love

We offer the opportunity to make a difference through legacy donations to those who wish to leave an enduring legacy for the dogs at Fletcher’s Keep.

Your contribution will help sustain the refuge and ensure that generations of dogs receive the love and care they deserve and not be left to suffer or die alone.

Your Role: Becoming a Lifesaver for Senior Dogs

We can only build Fletcher’s Keep with your support. You are essential to our mission.

Here are some ways you can make an impact;

Donate: Every dollar brings us closer to making this refuge a reality. Whether your donation is large or small, it is a lifeline for dogs in need: DONATE TODAY!

Spread the News: Share our story with your loved ones, friends and colleagues. Please help us reach individuals who can join our cause.

Volunteer: If you have time, skills or resources, we welcome your expertise and dedication. Together, we can establish a sanctuary for dogs: VOLUNTEER

Fundraise: Plan events and initiate campaigns. Please introduce us to donors. Your efforts in raising funds are invaluable.


Fletcher’s Keep is an endeavour rooted in love and compassion. Bilko and Fletcher’s legacy inspired a mission to create a haven for senior dogs. With your support, we can turn this dream into reality.

Together, let us construct a home for dogs – a refuge where they can experience peace and happiness forever.

Join us in taking the steps towards establishing this refuge and becoming a lifesaver for dogs in need.

Let us transform Fletcher’s Keep into a place where love can grow and knows no bounds.

Embark on this heartwarming journey with us today!

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