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A beacon of hope exists in a world where our beloved senior dogs often face uncertain futures.

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Why Volunteer?

Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation is a compassionate BC not-for-profit dedicated to ensuring that aging canine companions live out their golden years in comfort and surrounded by love and care. 

We encompass various initiatives, programs and services, including Fletcher’s Fund, building Fletcher’s Keep, and a team of dedicated caregivers known as Fletcher’s Keepers.

We need compassionate individuals like you, who, other than the In-Home Daycare program which services the Okanagan Valley, can be located anywhere, to join us as volunteers and discover why your efforts will be crucial to our mission and how you can make a meaningful difference in the lives of older dogs and struggling devoted owners.

Make a Lifesaving Impact

Volunteering with Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation makes you a lifeline for old dogs at risk of being surrendered or facing uncertain futures due to medical needs and other challenges. Your efforts will directly contribute to preserving the lives of these beloved pets.

Support the Human-Canine Bond

Senior dogs hold a special place in the hearts of their owners. By volunteering, you can help strengthen and maintain this cherished bond. Your support will enable these pet owners struggling to keep their aging companions, preventing surrender, heartbreak and separation.

Share Your Compassion

Volunteering with Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation will allow you to channel your passion into meaningful action – especially if you’re an animal lover with a deep compassion for old dogs in need. You’ll join a community of like-minded individuals who share your commitment to animal welfare.

How You Can Help

Become an In-Home Daycare Keeper

Join our team of dedicated caregivers known as ‘Fletcher’s Keepers’ for our Spring pilot program in the Okanagan, BC. As a Keeper, you’ll provide in-home daycare for senior dogs, ensuring they receive the attention, love, and assistance they need. Your presence can make all the difference in an old dog’s quality of life (training and orientation provided).

Spread the Word

Help us virtually from anywhere to raise awareness about Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation and its mission. Organize a Fletcher’s Mixer and share our story with your friends and family or on social media. Create informative content, or volunteer your skills in marketing and communication to help us reach a broader audience.

Assist with Fundraising

Help us virtually from anywhere to secure the financial resources needed to support senior dogs and their owners through one or all of our much-needed programs. Organize fundraisers, participate in events, or reach out to potential donors. Every dollar raised goes toward helping elderly dogs in need and preserving the human-canine bond.

Offer Administrative and Technical Support

Help us virtually from anywhere behind the scenes. Administrative tasks are essential to helping Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation run smoothly. Your support is invaluable if you have organizational skills, accounting, general technical and administrative experience or other skills.

be a hero for Elderly dogs and their owners

Your kindness and dedication will change lives, preserve cherished bonds, and provide comfort and care to our aging canine companions. By volunteering, you’re giving your time and showing love, hope, and a brighter future to old dogs who need it most.

Don’t wait to make a difference – become a ‘Volunteer Keeper’ today by completing this form! Together, we can redefine senior dog care and create a world where senior dogs can enjoy a peaceful and joyful retirement surrounded by people who care and the warmth of a forever home.

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Fletcher’s Keep Senior Dog Foundation needs your help! Countless elderly dogs face uncertain futures. Help us to ensure that they are valued, loved and taken care of for their remaining years until it’s time to make the journey to Rainbow Bridge.